Aquatic Therapy

New West Rehabilitation offers a cutting edge Aquatics facility to help assist expedite the recovery of your injuries.

Our aquatic department is managed by Dusty Frasier, DPT, who is a certified specialist in the area of aquatic rehabilitation.

The Hydroworx 1000 Pool

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is quickly becoming well known for its amazing effects with speeding recovery and rehabilitating injuries. The fastest way for a patient to recover from an injury is to begin the rehab process as soon as possible, but often time pain levels impact their ability to be productive.

The pain commonly associated with rehab can be decreased/eliminated in water because it reduces the weight bearing on joints. Once in warm, soothing water, you can expect increased range of motion, decreased muscle spams and pain. Water resistance helps to strengthen muscles and reinforce balance. Water resistance automatically creates an easy or hard workout based on patient exertion. Exercises are more enjoyable and patients exercise at their own comfort level.

Features of our pool include:

  • Variable speed underwater treadmill
  • High definition cameras on he side and front for detailed analysis of gait motion in water
  • Resistance jets to increase resistance during rehab sessions and create an individualized workout
  • Massage hose to relax sore muscles and spasms

Our pool is staffed by the only aquatic rehab specialty certified Physical Therapist in the area. Our staff has always worked hard to accommodate all patients, maintain the lines of communication, and individualize programs specific to your patient according to the last research based information.

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